The Two Popes

The Two Popes ★★★★

Ancient institutions, such as the Catholic Church, have always been a curiosity of mine. This film doesn’t just feed that interest, but it attempts to enlighten us as to the spiritual reminiscing of two great preachers of the faith. 
Though I appreciated some of the film’s literary tangents, I also found myself at odds with the film’s attempt to lecture us about politics and economic models. 
As much time as the film spent as a simple conversation between two very different men, I still wanted to spend more time with Anthony Hopkins (playing Pope Benedict XVI) and Jonathan Pryce (playing Cardinal and soon-to-be Pope Francisco).  
At times, I was swept by their ruminations and honest-to-God good nature, even when I disagree with their entire belief system. 
One of the surprises of 2019 and one of Sir Anthony Hopkins’ best performances.