Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

Questions I have after seeing this mess:

1. How does an old military jet fly from Washington DC to Egypt? Wouldn’t it run out of fuel? Why does it even have fuel? It’s a museum relic!

2. Barbara (Kristen Wiig) wishes to be number one, an apex predator. Ok, then why does she come back as a cat that can be electrocuted and beaten by Wonder Woman?

3. Was that supposed to be Ronald Reagan in the White House? Did Reagan sport a bad wig?

4. Nuclear armageddon by way of magical missiles? Was that really an homage to Dr. Strangelove? 

5. How do you so easily get out of line and then sneak away from a tour in the middle of the White House without getting gunned down?

6. The film’s title highlights the fact that it’s set in 1984. Aside from the plethora of random callbacks, was there any reason for the film to be set at this time? 

7. Kind of a big coincidence that the villain who threatens the world runs into our heroine at work. 

8. How many times can Chris Pine come back from the dead?