Niels has written 2 reviews for films rated ★★ .

  • American Assassin

    American Assassin


    Few thrills and a hacky script filled with macho bs. Dylan O’Brien’s fails to dazzle as a superficially written lead. Not even a roughened Michael Keaton channeling his former Batman impression was able to save this outdated and unexciting film.

  • Irresistible



    Irresistible is the kind of script that proves that Jon Stewart, once the consummate political comedian in the country, has lost his edge, not by virtue of time, or due to a waning of his talent, but simply by extricating himself from the grind of making the Daily Show every week, and the endless hours spent surfing and sorting the news, writing, editing and painstakingly delivering monologues that were funny, clever and, in the best of cases, enlightening as well. …