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  • The Haunted House of Horror

    The Haunted House of Horror


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This movie is pretty goofy. The old “ this party is boring let’s go to a haunted house and have fun” that leads to murder in 1960s London. It’s a little slow and not scary and still fascinating. Also Frankie Avalon gets killed at the end which was legitimately shocking.

  • A Bullet for Pretty Boy

    A Bullet for Pretty Boy


    Part one of the New Beverly double feature. Poor Pretty Boy Floyd and his sad bank robbing ways.  Fabian is good in it and the movie is slow in a 1970 kind of way. It feels like the end of movies about the mob that didn’t have swearing nudity or blood. It was rated GP which I didn’t even know existed.

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