Moulin Rouge! ★★★★

The beginning of the movie is a disaster. The visuals actually started to give me a headache as they were so chaotic and felt like a candy coated mental breakdown. I also felt that the movie didn't give you anything to care about in the main characters until a long ways in. I didn't like the story as it was an intentional cliche. I didn't like the original songs as they were very sappy and way over the top. What I did like were some of the visuals when the camera slowed down at the end. I also enjoyed the remakes and mash-ups of pop songs. --- With the second viewing, I've done 180 on the visuals of the dance sequences at the beginning of the movie. I enjoyed the very spastic nature of it. I did not like the mistaken identity plot and crap with getting the show sold to the Duke. Actually I didn’t really like much of the story and still wasn’t invested in the characters. I thought that the Duke’s performance was too over the top and not fun. I still liked the mash-ups and really liked the Roxanne cover. Very good visuals all the way through