Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★

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Convinced this is one of the most reflective of the decade. At the same time though, it feels weird that this came out in 2012. I guess they’re still taking taxis and not ubers. But it remains thoroughly descriptive of millennials/older zoomers in their 20’s. Not only are Gerwig’s idiosyncrasies and folly endlessly lovable, but the movie also charmingly addresses some distinct American tensions of negotiating identity, career, and lifestyle.

The writing is some of my favorite of Baumbach/ Gerwig’s, and it’s laugh out loud funny. The b/w tone really lets the dialogue and episodic style shine. It’s embarrassing how spot on all these yuppie characters are; buying expensive vintage stuff, going out all the time, and traveling - and yet struggle to pay rent. Baumbach is one of the best at harnessing chaotic dialogue. Learning not to talk over everyone about yourself, and learning not to constantly relate everything back to yourself and what’s good for you, is especially present, hilarious, and indicting of individualism here. For me it strikes the balance of being self-aware, but doesn’t go overboard. Such a good one to rewatch.

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