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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    A race of desperation, against responsibility. Kinetic by satire and comedic by circumstance, the clock of consequence winds to midnight - but don't tell Robert Pattinson. His performance as a strategic and expert petty thief with an ignorant heart of gold is absolutely on fire. The Safdie Brothers carve a family dynamic drama out of crime caper all too well, and with all too much fun. Watch as the mouse chases for the cheese throughout the maze, obstacle after obstacle.

    Economic anxiety? Yes, this movie actually has that.

  • Brigsby Bear

    Brigsby Bear


    A premise that rests solely on the shoulders of its lead performance. Kyle Mooney is a treasure, giving the arrested development gag newfound context and life, with both the personality and expression of progressive wonder and evolution. From detachment and obsession to attachment and letting go, this is the Adult Swim version of ROOM. The creeps exist, but the creepiness is excised for the magical and the beauty. Things are not at ease, but at least there's a harmless edge to it all.

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  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    A devastating production that's less scary but more tragic than you'd think. It holds back on exposition and meaning, leaving the images and action to speak for themselves. At twenty-four paintings a second, never wasting a sequence, the film is like a Cormac McCarthy cover song if performed by David Lynch. That's a dangerous pairing.

    Go in knowing nothing, come out feeling everything.

  • Jackie



    It’s been called “hypnotic” by many. Jackie, the very real tale made tall before it was captured on camera, is, by no means, an “ordinary” biopic. It’s not even really a “biopic” even. The minutes, hours and days after President Kennedy’s assassination, from his newly widowed First Lady’s more emotional than literal perspective and interpretation, make up the better portion of the film – better meaning majority. The better – high quality – moments of the film are the ones…