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  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us


    A cacophony of ultraviolence. Outside of the sheer inhumane/insane bloodshed and body count, there is but a fleeting story of brotherhood and gang warfare, ho-hum in nature. Within is a pro-wrestling/silent movie style story told with body language and chunks of body parts. Aghast at the screen, you'll feel, but little more than that.

    Exceptional and stunning photography and choreography, not to mention practical and digital effects with weight, but the impact and importance of the fights and staging are…

  • The Predator

    The Predator


    From my twitter feed @billreviews:

    Somewhat fun but mostly rushed and oblong. Like a race where everyone gets a participation trophy. Cute, but who won? Bro machismo in hilarious play mixed in with PTSD comedics/dramatics, gave way to speculative exposition and nonsense.

    Tremblay on the spectrum subplot + "The Loonies" up against alien threat were both intriguing but underutilized (possibly cut down?). Any potential theme of perceived weakness becoming character/story strength failed when up against the whip wittiness and gun…

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  • 9/11


    Utterly deplorable. Horrid melodrama with a time and setting used only for dramatic exploitation. Nothing new is revealed or anything found within us, just people weeping, bickering, coughing and yelling like Nolan's Batman. When you use green screen, cgi smoke and desaturated lighting to indicate fiery conditions, you're telling me how cheap and uncreative you are. Rushed through to ... make a buck? To capitalize on ... that sweet 9/11 nostalgia we all share? Why was this movie made? It…

  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    A devastating production that's less scary but more tragic than you'd think. It holds back on exposition and meaning, leaving the images and action to speak for themselves. At twenty-four paintings a second, never wasting a sequence, the film is like a Cormac McCarthy cover song if performed by David Lynch. That's a dangerous pairing.

    Go in knowing nothing, come out feeling everything.