Searching ★★★★

From my twitter feed @billreviews:

Excellent use of desktop life (though a Windows PC running that fast?) for two thirds, before succumbing to the weight of its melodrama - which is ok. Cho is engaged and engaging, the style becoming more urgent as time wears on. Smart, but not as thorough.

Lives in a world outside of this online facade of life, which can clearly be catfished for multiple ends. What it has to say about the internet and immediate connections isn't new, but does so in a well-meaning, well-thought out and articulate way. Surprising.

Who's putting the footage together? Who cares - this is how we live now. This is how we share and how we attempt closeness, something this movie suggests should only be captured not facilitated online. Or rather, something to be wary of virtually.

Conveniences are at play, both in this story and in our avatars. Unfortunate, but done up in pixelated dramatics. Life doesn't really work this way, but 1) It's a movie, and 2) It's the logged-in world being utilized as our all-seeing eyes, which is an "incredible simulation".

Things get lost when data moshes, so to speak.