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  • mother!


    Since I couldn't reduce this to a mere rating, I'll reduce it to a mere bad review.

    Horror's been my favorite movie genre since as long as I remember starting getting into movies. Yet, I seriously never EVER felt like this while watching one. I'm still astonished, overwhelmed and pretty fuckin' upset after watching it last night.

    For some reason I've been ignoring Mother! ever since it came out (probably because I knew very little about it and never really…

  • Witchboard



    Witchboard is an average horror movie (for my surprise) that came out in the middle 80's, directed by Kevin Tenney. I think it is very enjoyable, that's probably because of my low expectations for this one, and I don't know, it just reminded me of when I first started 80's horror movies, they all had the same "style", that's probably because the director of this movie is also the director of Night of the Demons, I can say the "style"…