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  • Transit 


    Waiting is exhausting. Waiting is hell.
    It's kinda scary that film about nazi occupation set in our modern days. So I understand why Petzold changed timeline for movie.

    ps: ending of film gave me The Lobster vibes due it ambiguity and no clear answer and similarities in themes of both films.

  • L'Avventura


    Pseudo-detective quasi-thriller about bored to the death European bourgeoisie trying to fill emptiness of their souls from one "adventure" to another. They can't connect and to express their feelings to each other.

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  • À nos amours

    À nos amours

    Sandrine Bonnaire's brother is one of the most disgusting characters in cinematic history.

  • Climax


    Unique, incredible and unforgettable cinematic experience. As you’d expect from Gaspar Noe, full immersion to the film which presses on buttons of all your feelings at same time. Ultimate Gaspar Noe’s film.