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  • Grandeur and Decadence of a Small-Time Filmmaker

    Grandeur and Decadence of a Small-Time Filmmaker

    Jean-Pierre Leaud with moustache doing Woody Woodpecker impression is peak cinema!


    As usual with Jean-Luc Godard post 1968 era, this meta-tv-film (Godard was given assignment to make cheap TV-film, main character is director who's making tv-film) not exactly right up my alley, but probably my favourite from Godard this period. Odd, but funny.

  • Like Father, Like Son

    Like Father, Like Son

    I wanted to watch Koreeda's films for long time, so I guess his Palme D'or victory is perfect time to dive into his oeuvre.

    Like Father, Like Son is complex, subtle and extremely moving drama about difficulties of fatherhood and father-son relationship.

    I've been in tears twice during the film. Due my issues with expressing of emotions it's always been tough for me to say to my dad how much I love him. Despite I'm far from succesful man and son parents would proud, he's always been kind and supportive to me. And he's fucking best. I want to hug him right now.

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  • À nos amours

    À nos amours

    Sandrine Bonnaire's brother is one of the most disgusting characters in cinematic history.

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here

    We Need To Talk About Joe

    With help of Jonny Greenwood's magnificent soundtrack and great sound design Ramsay masterfully creating haunting and dark atmosphere by non-linear editing: brilliantly using switches between reality, flashbacks and dreams. Flashbacks especially effective since they're showing past traumatic experience Phoenix's character faced in past: abuse in childhood, incidents at Mid East and during his work at FBI. But we never see full picture and never get all answers what happened in past, we just getting…