Interstellar ★★★★

At first I was skeptical on this, the beginning was filled with very cheesy dialogue and character stereotypes. However, once we start heading out to space I begin to understand the praise. This certainly isn't a perfect film, suffering from one-dimensional characters and boring dialogue, but it is a fun one. First of all this film is just a treat to look at, the world designs and cgi are incredible, and the cinematography is probably Nolan's best. The score also adds another layer to this, helping it push through its weaknesses. I feel as if the most interesting characters were the ones we spent the time with least (Damon, Caine, Chastain), and I wish this was more abstract instead of attempting to explain everything. There are a lot of things this messes up with, but it is such a fun time to view I can't hate on it too much. It was thrilling and was able to deliver with so many different emotions as well. There are plenty of memorable moments, a bit more memorable then the plot holes. I don't think this is any masterpiece, but it is one of Nolans's best for sure. Strong 7/Low 8

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