Captain Marvel

A bunch of offended angry manbabies on the internet tried to wage a dick measuring war on Brie Larson...and lost. Lol.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into this. I’d heard different things from different people, the general consensus being “it’s okay” and feels like a phase 1 Marvel movie. While that second sentiment is kinda true, to me Captain Marvel is much, MUCH more than just okay. I have no knowledge of the comics, I know nothing about the character, and I’m not one to stray away from telling you when I don’t like a Marvel movie (ie. Iron Man 2, Doctor Strange), so you know that I have no preconceived bias when I say that, to my absolute shock, this is among some of my favorite films in the MCU to date!

The storytelling feels fresh and unique to the franchise, the world building is second best only to Black Panther, the characters are charismatic and feel genuine, and I know a lot of people are calling Brie Larson’s performance flat, but to me she’s so much of what makes the character work! I loved her strange sense of both nativity and confidence, and I loved seeing both a more emotionless alien side as well as her more emotionally resonant human side play the roles that they do in shaping who Carol ultimately becomes. There’s a fierceness to her that feels like it’s only scratched the surface, and I can’t wait to see it further explored.

As far as origins go, this is up there with the best of them to me, and I honestly never expected that. I love the science fiction element that reminded me of some of the best Star Trek there is, I love the 90s nostalgia and overall vibe, I love the chemistry between Carol and Fury and how much of it feels like an old school buddy cop flick, and I love how much more intimate, soft spoken, and personal of a superhero story this is than others of its kind.

Welcome to the MCU, Ms. Danvers. See you in the Endgame.

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