The Wolverine

The Wolverine

I know most people generally liked The Wolverine, but I feel like I'm in the minority because I absolutely fucking love this movie! Aside from Hellboy II, this may be the most underrated superhero movie I've ever seen. The third act gets a bit silly, but aside from that, I have no major issues. The action scenes are AMAZING, especially the train fight! It's Wolverine at his most brutal, the story is new and interesting for the character (even though it does borrow a bit from Spider-Man 2), the musical score by Marco Beltrami is fantastic, it introduces several new character, all of which I think are great, especially Yukio, who I am absolutely obsessed with! She is such an incredible and badass character and I'm dying to see more of her!

The performances are awesome across the board, with Hugh Jackman completely crushing it as usual. This is definitely his best turn as Logan to date. I also love the setting and the incorporation of Japan and Japanese culture (something that has always fascinated me) into the plot. Honestly, when I watch the X-Men movies, I skip The Last Stand and pretend this is the sequel to X2. It leaves a few holes for sure, but it makes for a much more satisfying trilogy (and handles Logan and Jeans relationship better than Brett Ratner ever could have dreamed) and is a great lead up to Days of Future Past! I wish this was talked about more, or at least was given a bit more appreciation, because I think The Wolverine is such a fun, badass, and underrated installment in the X-Men franchise.

I also highly reccommend checking out the Unrated Cut if you haven't already! For those wanting to see Wolverine used to his full potential while we wait for his R-Rated final movie, this should definitely keep you satisfied for the time being.

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