Thor: Ragnarok ★★★½

Definitely takes the place of my favorite MCU movie and shows how far the franchise has come. It definitely has its follies, the same ones that plague all MCU movies (I wish it took even more creative risks, forgettable villain though Blanchett did all she could, the stakes never feel totally real), but Waititis voice really shines here and he adds a level of care to the art of filmmaking that is often glazed over by the more industry directors of the franchise. It’s a hilarious romp, anchored by great performances all around, and its recognizable tonal shift from other Thor movies never feels forced. As with a lot of Phase 3 movies, the politics and morals at the heart of this are fairly interesting, operating as a critique (although I wish it went further with this point) of colonialism.

Good use of Immigrant Song

Thor with a mangled crew cut is infinitely hotter

Tessa Thompson is an absolute badass

Waititi’s Korg had me cracking up every time he opened his mouth