I traveled 2 and half hours to watch it because theaters aren’t open where I am so I was thinking as the movie was about to start this better be worth it. And I’m glad to say it was. I mean I love Spy movies, I love Sci Fi movies and I love Christopher Nolan movies and this gave me all of those things.

Um yeah I don’t know what to give it for a score I’ll need to think about it more but I’d give it at least 4 stars. Wow from a technical standpoint this film is incredible (except the sound mixing) I still have no idea how they did this especially the third act like how did they do that? That most of taken so much work and effort. Also this film is just very creative and there’s lots of stuff you see in this movie you won’t see anywhere else. So is it the best Nolan movie? probably not. Is it the worst? Probably not. I’ll probably do another review when I have grade and have my thoughts together

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