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  • The Tale

    The Tale


    part of my may scavenger hunt

    watch a film @MandelBroSet has rated 5 stars

    horrific and difficult to watch. but expertly made with so much thought, sensitivity and bravery by Jennifer Fox.

  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco


    part of my may scavenger hunt

    watch a film produced by Brad Pitt

    one of the most uniquely beautiful movies I’ve seen. I felt completely swept away by the emotion of the story and what the characters were going through.

    the music was also always perfect for every single frame and scene.


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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    part of my june scavenger hunt

    watch a movie featuring a famous Hollywood Republican (Adam Sandler)

    welp, that was stressful!!!

    1. Adam Sandler makes me so irritated, because he can be a master level actor who chooses awesome projects, but so often doesn't
    2. makes me excited for more Safdie goodness
    3. thoughts and prayers go out to all the people who saw this on Netflix tonight and were like "Oh a new Adam Sandler flick, let's check it out"

  • Philadelphia



    part of my may scavenger hunt

    watch a film where a pathogen spreads through a population 

    1. First of all, this was so very sad and beautiful, thank you Mr. Demme
    2. Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington were just both wonderful
    3. That monologue about opera was so meaningful and heartbreaking
    4. I read the wikipedia article about this and I found this statistic harrowing

    Extras cast in this film included 53 people who were AIDS-infected as of the time of…