Dune ★★★★★

I am floored and in awe of Dune. The amount of buzz this film generated left me wary, as it is usually the fastest way to subvert expectations. Fortunately, Villeneuve and his team were able to deliver on said expectations, possibly even surpass them. Also worth mentioning is the fact that they managed to almost fill an IMAX theater, in a country (where little less than half the population are vaccinated atm) which currently requires covid certificates for everyone who wants to enter interior public spaces like theaters, for an original version screening - in the middle of the day.

Dune manages to transcend big budget sci-fi, summer blockbusters. It’s like a dance, where each and everyone involved is able to hit their notes on point, going all in & elevating one another in the process. 

I can‘t wait for Part II.

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