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  • Mandy


    Caruthers: What you’re hunting is rabid animals, and you should go in knowing that your odds ain’t that good, and you will probably die.
    Red: Don’t be negative.

    + that NC WC scene :D priceless

  • The 12th Man

    The 12th Man

    Skatoties siltā maija vakarā, nāca smiekli par to, cik man ir viegla dzīve :)

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  • Zoology



    By far the most touching cat funeral I’ve seen on screen in quite a while. Coincidentally, we never get to see the cat. Fuck you Schrödinger

  • Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic


    Fault-ridden like a ratty seacraft and does a really lousy job at selling its story as anything remotely credible, but it’s easy to see where they were going with it (to a funeral, in fact, to dig up a corpse, no less) and I kind of appreciated the sentiment. Unfortunately the cringeworthy scenes ruin it quite a bit, but at least they’re somewhat evened out by laudable performances from Viggo and the lovely kid cast, as well as brief flickers…