Ran ★★★★★

Film #16 of the March 2016 Scavenger Hunt
Item #16: A film given a five star rating by your favourite Letterboxd reviewer

I have a huge blind-spot in my film-watching, in that this is only the third Akira Kurosawa film I've seen. I'll remedy that, as I have Seven Samurai later in this Scavenger Hunt and next month I'll watch 5 Kurosawa films for my next "5 Directors" list.

So far every film of his I've watched has been a 5-star masterpiece. This was his last true epic and goddamn what an epic it was. You don't see films get made like this anymore. The attention to detail, the painstaking work to create costumes, sets, props, etc. I mean holy shit they built an actual castle so they could burn it down. Phenomenal filmmaking.

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