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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie is so delightful, and I think it has something for everyone. Full of comedy and emotion. Yorkie is so darn cute. Jojo’s relationship with his mom is precious and there’s so much emotion surrounding her death. Her death lingers over the rest of the film for me. The relationship between Jojo and Elsa is adorable. This is probably my favorite Scarlett Johansson role (black widow being the only other competition) and is definitely my favorite Sam Rockwell role. It was so sweet how he kept protecting Jojo in the end sacrificing himself for jojo to be free. The setting is also great, and I loved the use of music throughout culminating in the final scene. The final scene where Jojo and Elsa dance is filled with so much joy and relief and makes me so happy. Again this harkens back to his mom - “dancing is for people who are free.” After this and Thor Ragnorak, I’ll see anything Waititi does. I’ll often watch the end scene or a compilation of Yorkie clips because they’re both so wonderful.

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