Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★½

wonder woman! more wonder woman! lots of her! put her in anything. let her exist always until i am as bored of her as i am of watching the waynes get gunned down in an alley. this is what the world wants.
tbh i'm a liiiiittle ashamed i saw this on opening night (?), but i mean, it wasn't OFFENSIVELY bad. not on the level of something like sucker-punch which actively made me want to shoot myself. and not as bad as a lot of overzealous reviews have made out. it was just kind of there. wholly mediocre. which is, in all honestly, kind of worse. would have been better if they'd rolled with a 'jesse eisenberg as evil mark zuckerberg' angle, but i might just like the social network too much. (dark zuckerberg)