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  • Ash Is Purest White

    Ash Is Purest White


    Love can't save the world, it might not even have anything to do with it

    "You know, Bin, there are only two things I care about: animal documentaries and ballroom dancing. When I see tigers, lions or ants in those documentaries, I think of humans. They eat, drink and fight, just like us. It makes me sad."


    "The bottom line is, we're all prisoners of the universe."

  • Kyoto, My Mother's Place

    Kyoto, My Mother's Place


    "I love this photo of my mother. She looks happy. And free."

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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    "I got beat up. I'm the victim here."
    "Cross the room if you've ever been blamed for something you didn't do."

    Many months before the films North American release, I joked that Good Time looked like "a modern-day Phil Karlson picture" so I was doubly pleasantly surprised when I found that this film approximated that feeling. In his annual love-letter to Cannes, Mark Peranson called the film "a kind of Dionysian New York Gesamtkunstwerk....immersion without identification." Where Good Time…

  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


    A familiar story of how democracies crumble and evil ends up winning - but civilization doesn't crumble, instead it transitions from Republic to Empire. It remains a democracy.

    Lots to go on about here in this film, but look at how Lucas crosscuts through the entire film (usually he saves crosscutting for the final third) between Anakin's emotional narrative/journey and the more conceptual political discourse. The goal here, is for us to understand the political dynamics of this world and…