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  • Claire's Camera

    Claire's Camera


    "Because the only way to change things is to look it at again, very slowly"
    "does it have a meaning?"

    This initially seems so unambitious and slight - at least in comparison to HSS's previous 'On the Beach at Night Alone,' and perhaps that remains the more cohesive of the two - because that film broke new ground for the director artistically in more obvious ways, the playful charm of this one can easily be misconstrued: it almost appears…

  • Person to Person

    Person to Person


    "I detest the way you detest people."
    "I know, and I love you for that."

    Maybe some more elaborate thoughts later, but what this film doing structurally is remarkable - nothing of these character arcs connect narratively with any of the others, and there's no reason to: each experience concludes that we're all still learning. But how this is demonstrated is so fresh - everyone is talking about the casting but it's Defa's innovative editing which blows this out of…

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  • Blackhat



    "No-one's ever gotten this close before."

    I was going to write that this is the most adventurous film made in Hollywood since Heaven's Gate, but what is that compared to calling it Mann's best movie? It's both a culmination and expansion of hundreds of ideas Mann has toyed with since Thief. But there's something new here: this is a movie about collectives, not individuals, and the most beautiful thing about this movie is watching these characters learn to respect, trust…

  • Silence



    "Grace fills empty spaces but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it." - Simone Weil

    Preliminary notes - because like all great art, it is not consumable within a single experience. But where to start with a film as dense as this one? Reading 'Mizo on Mizo'* earlier, Mizoguchi stated in regards to 'The Life of Oharu' that "it takes several years before a true work of art begins to take shape." I don't think…