88:88 ★★★★★

Poverty is only feeling comfortable at the skate-park or at the library; the rest is limitless repetition, "suspension," time reveals itself as non-existant and you enter psychosis because this wasn't supposed to be reality. Personal and theoretical as inexorable, or that the former is little more than a reaction to the latter. "No thought without madness" - here's my vote for the greatest film made in Canada. The editing itself destroys time, conflating personal experiences and/or recollections of those experiences into a sociological context, and more - suspension itself: "the 1 is not whole, the 1 is not a beginning, middle or end, the 1 is unlimited, the 1 has no shape, the 1 is not in-another, the 1 is not in-itself, the 1 is nowhere"

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