Ash Is Purest White

Ash Is Purest White ★★★★★

Life after modernity, and fighting to retain values after even time and history become completely imperceptible. A high masterpiece and Jia's finest work to date, continuing a schematism and line of inquiry hinted at in Mountains May Depart and pushing Jia's work in a completely new direction - a world after politics. One viewing so far to be sure - but easily the film of the year and maybe my favorite film of the decade.

There's too much here - realizing our smallness and our minuscule place in the cosmos (I hope this means Jia makes a space movie) yet bonding ties that last a lifetime beyond reason - watching a film like this I see something that HAD to have people in it, this director could have made totally conceptual films, or made high concept films with actors only to make it more accessible - but here is a film where one senses there are people because of how much he genuinely cares about humanity.

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