Bad Trip

Bad Trip ★★★½

This is way more impressive than the throwaway Eric Andre star vehicle I expected it to be - although Haddish's role ends up amounting to what's more of an extended cameo, the filmmaking in this is actually kind of impressive, and furthermore the scripted aspect is interwoven into the non-scripted material to a level that's almost seamless, so it appears as though a whole narrative where non-actors become the extras. But that's not exactly why this is so much fun - from mere pranks to whole extended setpieces within "reality," and the humor never dulls - the only thing to ask for is that sometimes the narrative aspect slows the films momentum. But each joke/prank only gets more impressive and more outrageous and just plain *funnier* than the last, and the constant escalation makes this incredibly endearing, if a little mean spirited. But we can use more meanie cinema in these dry times! If I hadn't seen Andre's own Legalize Everything show live (which is coming on Netflix I believe anyways) I would probably like this even more, but in the year difference between this films production and the performance itself, I've already seen the level at which Andre's comedy has become more sophisticated and mature. But this'll be a absolute blast for anyone who hasn't. Andre is the real deal!

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