Duelle ★★★★★

How to describe such a towering work on first viewing? This is composition, this is sound, this is lighting, this is color, this is movement. God bless Jacques Rivette. He understands that everything is NOT beautiful, and to think so would be naive and stupid. However, he does understand (and make clear) that everything is expressive. An object, a wall, a shadow, a table, a hallway. It's incredible how he can suck us into his dreamscape, yet never leave the reality of the streets of Paris. He shows us how truly abstract the world in front of us really is. I genuinely don't think there is any director who was more creative. I already thought the movie was a masterpiece up to this point, but the game changing moment came when Lucie meets Leni, queen of the sun, by the tree, and a train crosses in the distance. Indeed, "two and two no longer make four," "all walls collapse." What is aesthetic?