Gummo ★★★★

"...some say he's downright evil. He had what it takes to be a legend."

Hard to write articulately or even objectively on this movie, because I grew up in a not too dissimilar environment, and I've met, known, loved and etc. most of the people in this movie. Still, it almost makes me laugh when people look at this as some kind of surrealist manifesto or are even shocked by it - this is high-grade montage of all the stupid shit you do to keep yourself occupied and having fun when you're dirt poor.

I still don't exactly know what to make of the tornado footage at the end - though I'm moved by it, in the way one is moved when they look back at something they know they can't go back to: like a pre-21st (not quite 20th!) century glance of the erasure of a social class.

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