Miami Vice ★★★★★

You've all heard this before....*ahem* - Once I had a fortune. It said "leave now, life is short, time is luck."

Anyways, this is like - still the peak of digital photography in movies? NOTHING else looks like this. This is one of the most lyrical, abstract and oblique films to come out of Hollywood. German expressionism gone digital - of course this puzzled many when it first came out, Mann is like a silent filmmaker here - pictures tell us a story before actors do. Moods are denoted by shades of colours in neon. And whole pools, waves of emotions revealed by the near-abstraction in the formations of a cloud.

The last time we see Farrell prior to the last shot, he performs like a confused puppy (this performance has the saddest eyes in all cinema). But the last shot is still so much more heartbreaking - returning to work, his nothing ever happened.

ALSO - doesn't this make a great paring with Bridges of Madison County?

"Luck ran was too good to last."

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