The Fountainhead ★★★★½

Hard to know exactly how to approach this - I wonder if there's a film where I so deeply disagree with its clear and overt ideological positions that I like more? Rand's philosophy is too absurd to be taken seriously, and Vidor's approach is to shift the focus from being a pseudo-dialectical text where we perceive Rand's ideas through the character predilections and motivations, to forefronting Roark's own struggle for creative identity in a didactic manner. This is interesting - I'm with Dave Kehr here in that it's perhaps the most personal of Vidor's films, and Vidor himself considered that it might be his best work - not only does the movie close to brazenly fall apart once we get to diatribes that espout Rand's initial intention, one realizes that by doing this forefronting, the only aspect in which Rand's philosophical predilections of unrestricted individualism and non-conformity even remotely make sense is in the artistic, creative realm, while when applied to an economic realm is totally reprehensible - maybe something a certain contemporary artist of today should take note of!