Fargo ★★★

Award-winning and now a part of the National Film Registry, Joel Coen's self-penned and directed 'Fargo' is a quirky look at small town life when faced with frankly gruesome and psychopathic behaviour, and while the plot is simple enough, it's the frankly bizarre mannerisms of the townsfolk that lingers long after the credits roll.

As before, the narrative is methodical and clear, while Coen's direction is well balanced and often humorous when perhaps other films would take a different approach, and so when all is said and done it's a decent movie with a decent cast, yet for me it's just not enough to bring me back anytime soon.

If you're a fan other Joel and Ethan Coen projects, then this is a natural fit, while if you're likewise in the mood for something easy to watch and simple to follow then 'Fargo' will not disappoint, but may just leave you slightly cold if the writing style fails to connect.