The Post ★★★

Based upon true events and somewhat satirical in its approach to congressional impudence, Steven Spielberg's self-produced ' The Post' is a film of two very distinct halves, the first of which threatens to bore you with necessary and yet often tedious backstory, and so if you can hang in long enough, the latter half of the second act begins to pick up the pace enough to produce an ending that nudges a wink at the senate and pokes a tongue at unlawful censorship the world over.

Spielberg's direction is as creative as ever, and with solid performances from both Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep (their first on screen partnering), 'The Post' remains a decent if not sluggish drama that is worth watching at least the once, however for me there's no incentive to revisit it anytime soon.

If pressed to recommend it as a title, I would strongly suggest a mid-week viewing, while on a personal note I'm also sad to say that Steven Spielberg's films have either left me cold or indifferent since the awesome 'Munich', and so here's hoping he finds a second wind sometime soon...