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  • Seven Murders for Scotland Yard

    Seven Murders for Scotland Yard

    This 1971 Spanish film, also known as 7 Murders for Scotland Yard is, I think, the worst giallo that I’ve ever seen. It’s significantly worse than the Gothic-giallo Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eye, The Card Player (for my money Dario Argento’s worst movie), and such undistinguished titles as What Have They Done To Your Daughters, The Pyjama Girl Case and Watch Me When I Kill. It’s doesn’t even have the juicy ludicrousness of something like Umberto Lenzi’s Eyeball.


  • The House by the Cemetery

    The House by the Cemetery


    Arrow have just released this on blu-ray so I added it to my rental queue for another look. It’s the final film in Lucio Fulci's loose trilogy whose previous installments were City of the Living Dead and The Beyond.

    Paolo Malco, his wife Catriona MacCall & young son move from New York to Boston for six months – Malco is finishing a research study into suicide began by his predecessor who (would you believe it) committed suicide. They move into a…

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  • My Dear Killer

    My Dear Killer


    I was in the mood for a giallo, so i gave this 1972 effort another spin. It's definitely not the best the genre has to offer (like most of Argento, What Have You Done To Solange?), nor is it the worst (that would be something like Strip Nude For Your Killer, or Seven Death in the Cat's Eye.) Giallo regular George Hilton plays a detective investigating the murder of an insurance adjuster, who was himself investigating the kidnapping/murder of a…