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  • Mandy



    84/100 Mandy is an uncompromisingly artistic and borderline hallucinogenic take on the midnight horror movie, combining incredible cinematography, an unforgettable soundtrack, immersive imagery, and culminating in top-tier B-movie gruesome action. This will be a very divisive movie that people will either love or hate.

    Within the course of one scene you'll be horrified, intrigued, confused, then laugh hysterical. However, the incredibly slow and methodical first half, thin plot, and the hypnotic nature of the imagery may be very off-putting for…

  • Tully



    An incredibly interesting and unexpected movie, the conclusion of Tully unfortunately expresses some problematic messages regarding psychological disorders, motherhood and postpartum depression. But the overall ride of the movie, and the excellent editing of the early part of the movie make it a worthwhile experience. Charlize Theron is excellent, and Mackenzie Davis manages to deliver an enjoyable and believable take on the manic pixie dream girl character. 72/100

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  • Upgrade




    I heard very good things about this little movie and came in with somewhat high expectations which were not only met but eventually exceeded by the end of this surprisingly fun and well-done sci-fi thriller.

    Given all the CGI and future-tech in this gritty movie, you would never really guess that this was a Blumhouse low-budget film (aside from the supporting cast, which all did very well in their respective parts, but you could tell that they were the…

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    Mission Impossible Fallout continues the improbable run of somehow besting the prior entry in the series, delivering even more visceral action, masterful fight choreography, truly unbelievable stunts, and a genuinely interesting and well-paced story that provides real character development. By far one of the best theatrical experiences and worth watching in theaters on the biggest screen possible. 91/100