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  • Guardians of Life

    Guardians of Life


    from the horribly manipulative music to the corny ass twist (the patient is the world!!!) this is on par with that seventh seal short nwr just did. truly awful, uninspired filmmaking all around. part of me was thinking — this has to be an adult swim short?

    the people who need to wake up and understand climate change as a very real & legitimate threat to existence will never see this and part of me has to wonder — would the…

  • KIWI



    i would like to run in a field now

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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    once upon a time in hollywood is a 3hr forced fart w the narrative structure of a never ending family guy episode that’s equal parts soulless & tone deaf

    rarely has a film worked so long & hard to say so little. really impressed that QT decided the response to his role in the Weinstein narrative, Uma’s NYT oped, and the #MeToo movement is to have Lena Dunham walk on screen to say “we love pussy,” writing a confounding revisionist history where…

  • Climax



    i don’t think i’ve ever seen a film borrow so much yet still feel like it’s own beast

    it’s jodorowsky’s drugs, argento’s violence, zulawski’s physicality, grandrieux’s bodies, and pasolini’s sex all thrown into one acid induced melting pot 

    this pulls at the fucking skin of its audience and should absolutely be considered a major work moving forward

    a visual playlist of hell