Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★

So I just saw Ready Player One, and it was fine. I mean it was better than I thought it was going to be, in fact I enjoyed it. But come on Spielberg! You’re better than this! Although I will give credit where credit is due, I really appreciated the care and effort that went into pop-culture references from both Film and Video-Games. In particular, The Shining sequence was just wonderful, like wow. Also references to games like Overwatch, including Tracer, Halo, including guns from the games like the classic and well known MA5C Assault Rifle, and Gears of War. 
But this leads me to my main concern about this movie, other than the great direction by Spielberg and all the pop-culture references, the story is just weak af. Like just because it has amazing pop-culture references and is enjoyable to watch, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that the story here is still cliched and predictable. 
I mean I was considering giving this a 7, since I still enjoyed it, but then I realised after writing this that there really isn’t much to this ‘story’ that is interesting or unique, although I did think Wade’s relationship in the film was interesting and was in some ways relatable, I’m still not going to give it one more point simply because I enjoyed it, that’s not how it works for me. It’s the overall quality that is important. I’d rather be honest. The thing about this movie is that it pains me, because anyone that love video games and watches movies or even has the same amount of passion and love as I do about film or gaming, would want this to be good, I wanted this movie to be great, and it could have been. But it wasn’t what I wanted entirely. But my God, if it wasn’t for Steven Spielberg in the helm of this movie, this would have been worse.
SCORE: 6/10
(To be completely honest, it’s either a 5 or 6/10, I can’t decide).
So what are your thoughts on Ready Player One, if you’ve seen it? 
Comment below! Love to hear some opinions! I know a lot will probably disagree, but the reality is, that not everyone can simply have the same opinion as everyone else. Like if that were the case, what is the point in Film discussion? Let alone Film?

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