Take Me Out

Take Me Out ★★★★

So I was fortunate enough to watch Fritz’s new Short Film, Take Me Out, early. So here are my thoughts.

This was good. I mean really good. It’s amazing how much you have improved on a technical level. The use of color and cinematography in this really impressed me. 

I also really did feel and connect with Bruce. As someone who has struggled with depression and has felt alone, I understood everything that Bruce was really feeling. The feeling of isolation and loneliness. 

Although I had a couple of issues with the film, one being, some of the acting could’ve been better, however it isn’t surprising, as acting in short films aren’t anything amazing to say the least. And also the aspect ratio change, and camera change??? (I could be wrong), I don’t know if it’s an intentional stylistic decision, but I just found it distracting.

Other than that, this is a very impressive Short Film, especially for someone who hasn’t even touched a feature film yet. Also I loved the subtle nods to Shame (2011).

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