Jackass 3D

Jackass 3D ★★★★

I love all the Jackass movies— but this was one of the first R-rated movies I snuck into as a kid: so of course I’ve got a special attachment to it

I’m totally willing to call this probably the worst of the mainline Jackass movies— it doesn’t have the youthful spark of the original or the over the top insanity of the second— but that by no means makes it a bad movie: if anything I’d argue that any of these are still better than most studio comedies

this was the first time the Jackass crew really started to show their age and with age comes an ultimately more laidback Jackass film and that’s totally okay (who knows how the next one’s gonna play out now that they’re even older?)

the stunts— for the most part— are either just way less intensive to accommodate for lifetimes of broken bones or are just rehashes of others— with the exceptions being a few standouts— which honestly make up for everything for being so fuckin’ iconic: from the giant high five to the porta potty slingshot

and again— none of this is criticism— it really isn’t— I honestly just love hangin’ out with these guys and so making more of a hangout feeling movies is no joke the logical profession of this series: and plus that ending’s always gonna make me cry

they really end this one like it’s the last one— but even though one more means more broken bones: I’m happy we’re getting one last go round with the Jackass gang

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