Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★


it’s time to talk about my favorite concert film, maybe one of my favorite films, and absolutely one of my favorite comfort films

STOP MAKING SENSE is proof that there’s good in the world

it’s lightning recorded to film

it’s an infectious positivity that’s so strong it literally makes me get up and dance like nothing else on this planet

it’s a concert film for one of my favorite bands of all time where the sheer energy of David Byrne is perfectly matched by the wild direction of Jonathan Demme, performed with a perfect band, doing some of their best songs, a super cool stage, and an audience of all kinds of people just coming together to have a good time (when you get through the whole movie and finally get to see the audience dancing at the end it’s so beautiful)

this movie’s one of the most fun times you’ll ever have, it’s short, it’s available on so many places, and you get some amazing music out of it— if you haven’t seen it before I’m BEGGING you to give it a watch as soon as possible: do it and make your day better!!!

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