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  • 30 Days of Night

    30 Days of Night


    Interesting concept with a, more or less, decent execution. The sense of dread is definitely there. It's tense at times and it feels thrilling. The vampires feel ominous (specially since you don't know what they're are). Also, directing is pretty decent. There are some nice shots here and there.

    As for the weak part, the characters are too flat. People die throughout this film, but, in the end, you don't really care because you don't know them. The only relatively…

  • Limitless



    Mostly fun, if you ignore its flaws. The writing has some problems, but it's not bad. As for the good parts, direction was good. I liked the use of color and the trippy sequences were cool to watch.

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  • Eternity



    Si algo se le tiene que aplaudir a Wiñaypacha es su dirección y su fotografía. Y es que el apartado visual de esta película es bellísimo. El director de fotografía es un capo.
    El apartado narrativo no se queda atrás. La historia es simple, pero bien ejecutada. Todo fluye de manera muy natural y las actuaciones resultan realistas. Esto incrementa el impacto de las escenas más crudas del filme.

    Fácilmente, una de las mejores producciones peruanas de los últimos años.

  • Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

    Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie


    Long awaited film that gives closure to the original series.

    - Gives closure to unresolved plotpoints.
    - Stays faithful to the original series visual style and humor.
    - Characters are the same as always. No changes made.
    - Nice blend of old and current technology
    - Excellent soundtrack

    - Feels a little rushed.
    - Has a more fantastical / over the top narrative style in contrast to the original's more realistic / down to earth style.
    - Plot…