Parasite ★★★

Hack director of trash Marxist propaganda films "Snowpiercer" and "Okja" Bong Joon-ho tells a fairly enjoyable story of a family of unemployed con-artists (these two things are totally connected) who "move in" to a nice rich family's house by securing several places of employment. And then descending into bizarre and unnecessary twists and murders.
Bong moves away from the ridiculous marxist preaching a little here, by showing a fairly accurate portrayal of the lack of forward thinking that pervades the psyche of many nations lower classes, and is what ultimately keeps them in that state. The final message at the end has one character give up con-artistry and decide to actually work for a future goal.
While the film tries to force you to sympathize with this family, their natures and final acts become largely unsympathetic to the viewer.

Oh, and the big "lesson" I learned from this? Never entrust the running of a household to a trophy wife!

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