Tenet ★★

arguably the most impersonal film i’ve ever seen. was digging the first 30 minutes or so, as it seemed intent on playing out this dark concrete color fantasy scenario where human beings don’t mean anything, everyone is a walking chess piece in service of a grander scheme, so basically nolan’s idea of self-parody, but good god it gets boring quick. besides everyone mumbling their lines (fr wtf), it’s obvious that the biggest issue here is the aggressive formality on display at any given moment. this is a bonkers concept, and yet it’s somehow downright boring in its execution, ideas and half-thoughts thrown around but never harnessed. favorite bit in here (there are a few good ones) is a revelation about halfway through or so that loses the verbal confirmations and instead just shows us. it made me audibly go “ooooHHH” with excitement as little things suddenly started to line up, and let me tell you, it’s a feeling that you can’t achieve via monologuing, which is probably why i never felt this way ever again throughout the rest of the film. i can’t tell you how many scenes are people walking and talking about nothing in urban areas, and i especially can’t tell you a single thing that happens in this movie. perhaps that’s my biggest problem with it. they let nolan do this, they gave him the resources to drop one of the least charismatic and indiscernible major releases in recent memory on the general public, and there’s nothing to do with it? i can’t say i even watched it, i feel like i just sat and looked. you know you have an issue when your opening action scene is more thrilling than your final one, because that would suggest that you’ve done nothing to elaborate on your initial proposal. it's like sitting and waiting for something that never happens. skrrt skrrt.

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