2001: A Space Odyssey ★★½

Having read the book, I acknowledge that my opinion is biased, but I honestly think this movie is seriously overrated. Although it’s for sure very aesthetically pleasing, really great visuals, a great score that gives a strong vibe etc etc, I was expecting so much more. Way too long and slow, basically 3 hours of nothing. The book is much much more interesting and better laid out, I understand you can’t turn a literary piece into a movie expecting it to be its exact copy, but really there’s so much information missing, I doubt I would’ve understood much hadn’t I read the book. And still it’s almost disrespectful how much of the story was left out. Too little dialogue and too many silences, yes, the intent was to give a feeling of unease and be unsettling, but Kubrick definitely overdid it with this one, for me this over exaggeration just made the movie incredibly boring and almost unbearable. An annoying try hard. Disappointing.