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  • Hackers



    Cyberpunk is lame. Do I dig it? Yeah, clearly, but I can't deny that it's extremely lame. The brilliance of Hackers is that it totally understands that a grown man babbling about "keyboard cowboys" and quoting Travis Bickle as he hacks into the main frame is totally lame, but when you contrast that with kids doing the same thing, we can get behind that, because all high schoolers are constantly embarassing themselves and not caring, that's what's great about high…

  • Johnny Mnemonic

    Johnny Mnemonic


    Enough of it is exactly the goofy kind of perfectly dated cyberpunk that I love, that the rest of it being a bit dull is a real disapointment. I get the feeling that some people will say that this film didn't live up to its full potential because of Keanu's bad acting or just how dumb a lot of it is, but I think the self serious dumbness is what makes its best moments work and when it's being a…

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  • Her



    Kind of wild that all 4 of Spike Jonze's features are the rare 5 star from me. But they're all great in a way that I could never pick a favorite. Any way, this movie has either aged very well into the pandemic or its just aged very well into me. It's good is the point.

  • Don Jon

    Don Jon


    Fellas, is it gay to swiffer?

    Also, this movie's still kind of great. Don't get why this isn't more fondly remembered beyond the bad poster. Potentially borders on being overly cynical, especially with how awful all of the characters besides Julianne Moore and Brie Larson (and her single line) are, but ends up being a smart critique on the notions of love in society and how they intersect with both the systems around us and our deepst personal experiences. It's a good time!