The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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This review may contain spoilers.

my final review for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier! 

This show is so fucking good. Every episode kept getting better and better as we went through the show. Being able to see Bucky and Sam together without steve as the middle ground was such a fun an interesting dynamic, and seeing how their relationship grows throughout the show is amazing. I think the show managed to balance the two main themes of racism and mental illness very well. Being able to see Sam and Bucky in further depth and see them have actual personalities was also great. I think the weakest point of the show for me were the flagsmashers.  I feel like they were just there for most of the time, but Karli was fun. Loved seeing zemo and the wakandans again even though both were there for short periods of time, when zemo and ayo showed up at the end of their respective episodes i was so pumped. All the actors are amazing here, and i’m excited to see more of them. Seeing the end title being captain america and the winter soldier leaves me ready for when we get to see Sam and Bucky team up again. While this definitely returns back to a similar formula were used to in the mcu, it actually deals with very real world problems, making this a perfect example of what Marvel can be. Excited for what’s to come.

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