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  • The Thing About Harry

    The Thing About Harry


    it was super queer and super cheeseball but thats exactly what i wanted so it was perfect TT___TT

    (but also it was high key problematic like... idk some parts were just really cringe)

  • 1917



    dat blocking doe
    xtra 1/2 star for That night scene

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  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    AAAAHH MY CHILDHOOD it was sooo cool and nostalgic, and relevant??? despite being set in the 60s
    i loved how everyone really had their own personal conflicts going on aside from the main issue
    ofc there were a few things here and there that were off or that i wanted more out of but it was still great and funny. TBH part of me wouldn't have minded them actually waiting 15 years in reference to the first one

  • Love


    We get it you like parallel shots
    Edit: why are men so pathetic ??