Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

There is a lot to be said from both a fan perspective as well as a film critic perspective. For me, being both a fan and a critic, I think it worked perfectly fine. It brought some new elements to the table and takes it in a direction that I did not expect in any way. On top of that, it has some of the best character development in a Star Wars film as well as some great themes and messages that carry a lot of emotion.

There are some faults tho. The structure is messy and it's pacing is a bit wack. They practically take two movies and combine them into one. At time this can work but it also is very distracting and often pulls the audience out of the moment quite abruptly. The humor can also be a bit over the top at times. There are several instances, especially on the rewatch, were the humor can be a bit cringe and feel incredibly forced.

It's a new refreshing take on this franchise that is so beloved. More than anything, it has inspired millions of today's kids the same way that A New Hope inspired so many people in 1977.

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