V for Vendetta ★★★½

Review many contain spoilers depends on how sensitive you are:

This movie had a great premise but a bit too many flaws. I loved the spirit and quotability, it had an energy too it that few comic adaption ever come close to (and i am speaking of the dark knight level here). The characters were presented in an interesting way, the world-building and the slow but very earned enfolding of the plot was just a pleasure to watch.
It really does speak to every student rebel out there and therefore I cannot and will not deny the effect it had on me. The dialogue was just made to quoted and remembered (as told before).
Anyhow the film managed to fail romance completly although great actors like Natalie Portman (it had to be said) did their best. She developed a Stockholm syndrom as expected and every great and unuasual it did by introducing the lesbian couple (which was a weird thing bc i was wondering if our dear v might be a girl and hoped for a bigger influence on the whole story) it got wrong with its main romance. Although trying to be individual it fell back into the trap of classic romantic trope (I recommend many videos from Pop Culture Detective on this topic).
And well its cinematography (Riefenstahl pf course) and idea of villiany was seen so many times before.
But it's a comic book adaption and I respect what it did to me as a viewer not as a critic.

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