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  • Little Shop of Horrors

    Little Shop of Horrors


    Watched both the theatrical and director’s cuts. Director’s cut has such a better ending.

  • Venom



    I didn't have much hope for this movie but then positive reviews came in that elevated my expectations. And in reality, my initial reaction was more in line with what we got. Once Hardy's character joined with Venom, things got more entertaining, but the lengthy set-up up until that point was trite and ultimately much of it was ignored as the movie progressed.

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  • The Predator

    The Predator


    ‪Absolutely one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched. And not in any sort of enjoyable way. Half the cast is awful, the editing is wretched, the script is abysmal.‬ It also betrays the Predator franchise. The half star I did give it is solely for Keegan-Michael Key.

  • Justice League

    Justice League


    The fifth entry in the "DCEU" is a narrative sequel to movies with a darker and despondent tone. This film has a tonal shift away from those films and finds itself more in line with Wonder Woman than Man of Steel or Batman v Superman. The shift in mood towards a more hopeful world is welcome, but the story baggage this movie has going into it weighs it down.

    In the end, it is a fun movie if you don't…