Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

More movies need to have their inciting incident caused by the driver gettin' a blowjob on the road. Blowjobssssss. We love em, don't we folks.


Bautista made the right call taking this leading role over starting in the Vin Diesel car franchise. He's a great leading man and I hope he gets to be the star of more big movies in the future.

I cared about most of the characters. Most of their deaths were honestly brutal and shocking, but I mean, to what end? By the time it's over I felt like everything was for nothing. I didn't feel any of the broad overarching character shit really, none of it clicked with me.

The epilogue ending is so pessimistic and I really can't tell ya why. Even Romero's movies had optimistic endings for as dour as they were.

One of the better looking of these Netflix, auteur-driven originals. The shallow depth of field with 90% of the photography helps it stand out among the rest. CGI looks great, I truly believed they were in a zombie-ridden Vegas.


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