Avatar ★★★★

To the folks who call this cliche and trope-ridden, whattya want Cameron to do? Change up the formula to make capitalism prevail and America the good guys? 'Fuck is wrong with you? The Na'vi aren't "magical savages" either, they're designed to be easily recognizable so that even audiences with the lowest amounts of intelligence can look at the blue cat people and say "hey, I know what's going on here!"

Look at me, I'm defending the current highest-grossing movie of all time, all because self-proclaimed "cinephiles" bitch about how everything is a sequel, remake, reboot, or prequel and that nothing original makes an impact. Then you point out fucking A V A T A R and they go, "oh no, not like that." Which is it you whiney bitches? You want 60 year old Tobey Maguire ripping ass on screen in a unitard to be the best of the best? Is that what you want?

Looking forward to James Cameron properly reintroducing blockbusters back into theaters. The world seems smaller without new music from James Horner.

Avatar rules.

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